BREAKING: Hall held out of tonight’s game for ‘precautionary’ reasons

Welp I had zero intention of either watching or paying attention to tonight’s expected housing in Colorado, with the 9-16-5 Devils playing a 20-8-3 Avs team on the road, thirteen points out of a playoff spot in mid-December.  I still don’t plan on watching, especially with human red light Louis Domingue in net for the road team, but now the night just got a bit more interesting with the news that Taylor Hall is being held out of tonight’s game.  With speculation surrounding a possible trade before the holiday freeze it’s certainly possible a deal’s imminent.

Of course watch precautionary mean the guy’s fighting the flu.  While I do think a trade is coming sooner or later (probably sooner), I’ll believe it’s happened when I see it.  Nothing’s ever done until it’s done…ask any Met fan about the infamous 2015 trade deadline for proof of that.  Constantly checking Twitter the rest of the night’s going to annoy me but just like waiting to see what we got for Christmas, you can’t do anything about it but be patient.  I’ll have a more detailed post when Hall is dealt, but it seems the moment of truth is upon us.

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