Game #56: Terrible Tuesday – Blues 8, Devils 3

These days I might as well just recap games with Harry Doyle soundbites. Watching Major League would be better than just about any Devils game in the second half of this season. Seemingly the tank is in full force as guys are being almost randomly ‘rested’ (Blake Coleman being the latest to come up with a mysterious upper body injury out of nowhere before tonight’s game), our best goalie is in the minors and a game like tonight only makes me more happy that’s the case, and there’s absolutely zero accountability left for stinking up the joint.

Although there does seem to be some accountability for calling out a teammate playing like horsecrap, since according to beat guy Chris Ryan and others watching the game, goalie Keith Kinkaid had some words for Damon Severson during a stoppage in play after two of his many gaffes led to a couple of goals against. Perhaps that’s why coach John Hynes left in Kinkaid to die giving up all eight goals tonight in a game that was never close where the Devils were thoroughly outplayed, outworked and outcoached – what else is new?

Funny thing is 8-3 actually makes the game sound closer than it was. It was 7-1 before two useless junktime goals in the third. Being outshot 31-11 in the first two periods is indiciative of both the talent level and compete level now. While the Blues may be playing much better than they were early in the season, if a team like this can smoke us imagine what the true beasts of the league would have done tonight…it really could have gotten into double digits. I’m not sure that’s ever happened in Devils history. Well come to think of it one obvious example of that comes to mind – the Mickey Mouse game. As it is, the last time we gave up this many goals to the Blues was in 1985 when we were more or less an expansion-caliber team.

I’d say that describes the team on the ice now except Vegas reset the bar for what an expansion team is last year. As far as individual performances, on the one end Alex Pietrangelo had an insane +/- of +6 for the night, scoring two goals and an assist. On the other you have to look far and wide to find someone that didn’t stink. Mirco Mueller had a goal and was actually a +1 in nearly twenty minutes of icetime. Guess that’ll get him benched or thrown on the injured list before Thursday’s game. If Kinkaid was shell-shocked after Tuesday’s game against the Kings just imagine what he must be going through now. Lordy.

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1 Response to Game #56: Terrible Tuesday – Blues 8, Devils 3

  1. Derek Felix says:

    I couldn’t believe that score. They could at least give a honest effort. The Rangers did at Winnipeg.


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