Game #42: Terrible Tuesday – Sabres 5, Devils 1

I could almost picture coach John Hynes pulling a Gordon Bombay and castigating his team after their latest wonderful performance in Buffalo, who was missing one of their top forwards in Jack Eichel. ‘You want to lose? Fine, you’re the ones that look like idiots out there!’

Mercifully, I didn’t watch this game. I almost forgot it was on at one point although I was checking the score on Twitter through the first period, saw it was 1-0 and thought maybe they’d be able to pull one out here. Then I went underground reading a book and have other things on my mind anyway so I completely forgot about the game till I checked my phone and my buddy Rudy simply texted…Kinkaid LOL

Yeah I knew it was bad after that, and rolled my eyes when I saw 5-1 late in the third period. While I do like some of the things about the ‘new era’ in Devils hockey I loathe the utter lack of accountability after games like this. There’s no exec, coach or player that’s going to consistently hold feet to the fire for subpar efforts. Especially after Ray Shero clearly sought to dial down expectations a few weeks ago, in the wake of a multi-year extension for coach Hynes. I like them both personally and/or professionally but it’s hard to continue to have blind faith in (ahem) the process after nights like this keep piling up.

Part of the reason I avoided tonight’s game is I won’t be able to avoid the expected bloodletting on Thursday, going with my friend because of the ’80’s night promo. I was trying to talk another friend into going to ’90’s promo night next month but there aren’t too many other games that either I actually want to go to or anyone else will. I even sold my Flyers tickets this weekend (and thankfully also my Blackhawks tickets on Monday to my friend’s friend who’s a Blackhawk fan), an unthinkable occurrence in a normal season but with three months to go might as well recoup some money on the few meaningless games I still can.

Yes that probably includes the Ranger game at the end of the month too, though even if I hadn’t been inclined to sell I might have been too busy to go on a Thursday regardless. Only difference is in a normal season I might go out of my way to try to sell tickets to Devils fans online or off the Internet, but I could give a crap now. If a Ranger fan wants to pay big money to see arguably the two worst teams in the East right now, have at it.

Maybe it won’t be so bad once Mackenzie Blackwood comes back. While Keith Kinkaid made his second straight ineffective start while Blackwood’s on the mend at least he’s skating now, so there’s that. Not that I expect Blackwood to keep throwing shutouts if this is the kind of effort they’re going to put up in front of him. Looking at the 33-21 shot difference tells me the Sabres must have put it on cruise control during that five-goal second period.

Sadly I’m already starting the countdown to the lottery…40 games left.

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1 Response to Game #42: Terrible Tuesday – Sabres 5, Devils 1

  1. Derek Felix says:

    It’s funny in a sad way. We are in the exact same situation. I hardly watch the Rangers now. When I do, they usually get scored on. Lol I was mostly preoccupied with The Sopranos reviewing on HBO. That never disappoints.


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