Devils’ deadline dud of a day


Honestly I’m not sure I should even bother with a post analyzing the Devils’ trade deadline activity because it was just as insignificant as I figured it would be considering our big sales items were two marginal roster players.  I do find some of the internet craziness amusing, as if people really expected GM Ray Shero to pull a rabbit out of his rear end and somehow get great picks back for our junk.  No offense to defenseman Kyle Quincey or forward P.A. Parenteau, we got about as much out of either as could be expected on the ice but let’s be honest there’s a reason both guys were available before the season for nothing.  Parenteau passed through waivers and only we claimed him, according to Pierre LeBrun on Twitter.  Quincey was signed early in camp.  And yet just because OMGZ IT’S THE DEADLINE! teams are going to automatically overpay for guys who’ve been journeymen who are turning in meh seasons?

Don’t get me wrong I wasn’t thrilled with the actual trade of Quincey either, since we essentially got negative value back – not even a pick but another defenseman in Dalton Prout, a 26-year old former sixth round pick who’s on a bad (relatively speaking) $1.5 million contract through the end of next year considering he’d fallen to eighth on the depth chart in Columbus and is really an AHL caliber d-man.  I was beside myself why we’d even bother to take back a negative value for Quincey instead of a pick, until I realized this could very well have been a quid pro quo payback to Jackets GM Jarmo Kekalainen for letting us poach director of scouting Paul Castron and a good number of his head scouts inside the division.  So from that standpoint I understand it, especially given Shero and Kekalainen already had a good relationship anyway.  Of course if we could have gotten a real return for Quincey quid pro quo might not have factored in, but as I feared the prices dropped on deadline day once the sellers were up against a wall wanting to cash in their assets.

Either way it isn’t worth pitching a fit about.  Neither is getting only a sixth-round pick for Parenteau.  Not considering Parenteau wasn’t traded at all last year, signed a cheap one-year deal in the offseason and was only claimed by us when the Isles cut him in the preseason.  Heck if we got a fourth for PAP and a sixth for fourth-liner Vernon Fiddler I think most people would have been satisfied with that, but ironically it was reversed.  Probably getting the fourth for Fiddler earlier this month helped jack up expectations to a ridiculous level over what we could get for other players, but in Fiddler’s case he’s a popular ex-Predator to begin with, GM David Poile paid a premium (relatively speaking) because of it.

Basically the only big thing to happen today from a Devils perspective is just the fact clearing out Parenteau means another young forward will get to play and get minutes down the stretch while dealing Quincey essentially sets our starting six in stone for the remainder of the season unless they give Yohann Auvitu (who’s been hot since going down to Albany) another chance, but he would likely have to play over staff favorite John Moore or wait till Jon Merrill gets hurt – again – since he’s a LHD.  Ironically we won’t have to wait long to see Quincey again since the Blue Jackets will probably beat us up and steal our lunch money in a home-and-home starting this weekend.  Maybe they can have a tribute video for his 53 games and 12 points as a Devil.

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2 Responses to Devils’ deadline dud of a day

  1. Derek Felix says:

    The bottom line with them is they need to get rid of some of the dead weight. Beau Bennett is AHL fodder. He tries hard but come on. Josefson is a bust. He gives good effort but my god. At least your team has cap space. They need to make an impact signing. Whether it’s a big defenseman or another top 6 forward in the mold of Oshie. I would upgrade backup goalie too. Even though Kinkaid has been decent, he’s not good enough.


  2. hasan4978 says:

    They probably have to keep Kinkaid to expose him to the expansion draft. I honestly have no idea who we’d actually lose in the expansion draft though, our pickings are that bad. Maybe the D among Merrill/Lovejoy we don’t protect. Try telling HFDevils about Beau Bennett, they love him cause his advanced stats are great. It’s junk when it never translates though, at some point you need actual PRODUCTION.


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