Video of the day: Greene’s OT penalty shot winner

Tonight’s Devils game ended in such a remarkable way I’m adding a special non-weekly post to put up the video of the day.  Setting the table for this remarkable ending, the Devils and Sabres went to overtime tonight in Buffalo.  Despite outshooting the Sabres 43-26 and having six power plays – including a 5-on-3 and a four-minute double minor on Evander Kane, the Devils came up empty against backup Anders Nilsson sans Yohann Auvitu’s first NHL goal in the third period that tied the game at one.

Just twenty-nine seconds into overtime, Devils captain Andy Greene got a breakaway but was obstructed by Kane – the ref instantly signaled penalty shot.  An overtime penalty shot is rare enough, but rarer still was what happened next with Greene making a nice deke and shooting it through Nilsson’s legs to win the game in dramatic fashion.  What odds could you have gotten on a penalty shot winner in OT, with Greene of all people winning it?  Not that Greene’s totally clueless offensively…but he’s not exactly a big goalscorer either.  At least he was when it mattered tonight.

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