NBCSN embarasses themselves


Admittedly I wasn’t looking forward to watching what I expected to be a butt-kicking in Minnesota from the Wild after the Devils’ three straight losses this week where injuries and lack of depth goalscoring had finally started to catch up to them.  Not to mention I’ve been fighting a cold that combined with bad weather ruined my Sunday plans.  Be that as it may, I had been flipping back and forth between the Devils game and other Sunday night programming.  When I turned NBCSN back on at 10 PM, I saw a feed of Anaheim-Detroit and I just figured this was bonus coverage during intermission.  Much to my shock I checked Twitter and it had live scoring updates of the game from Tom Gulutti and others.  I started panicking and turned on other channels but couldn’t find the game anywhere.  It turns out that NBCSN somehow lost their feed for minutes of Devils-Wild and instead of updating the game they were supposed to be showing they just decided to show other games that Devils and Wild fans could care less about.

Worse than even the technical difficulties is the cavalier atitude both teams got treated by the studio panel.  When you have Jeremy Roenick making a crack that ‘it’s more exciting to hear about (Zach) Parise’s goal than to see it’ it’s just low-rent, especially when it’s your network’s fault fans couldn’t see either Parise’s game-tying goal or Jon Merrill of all people giving the Devils back the lead they would hold onto in a surprising 2-1 win in Minneapolis.  Both the Devils and Wild have been the butt of enough jokes, but what purpose does it serve the league exactly to have one of its studio commentators be so scathing on a national telecast?  Would NFL studio hosts EVER make jokes about a team being boring?  MLB studio hosts?  No sport eats its own like the NHL, especially through the media, and it’s one of the reasons this game will never grow beyond a niche sport.  And dollars to donuts I somehow do not think this would have happened if this was a Washington-Pittsburgh game, or if they had on their other six-eight ‘chosen’ teams instead of two teams they buried on Sunday night to get a mandatory telecast out of the way.  Even after the telecast came back on the air it somehow didn’t occur to them for minutes to show highlights of the TWO goals they missed in the interim.

Thank god this is the Devils’ only game on that disgrace of a network this season, after tonight I refuse to watch NBC anymore for any regular season game or non-Devils playoff game.  For all the problems with MSG over the years, even Dolan managed to keep the games on air and even for the Ranger homers they have in the studio at least they usually have Devils representation too, whereas NBC like most of the international media can’t hide their loathing for non-Original Six and other marquee big-city teams.  Then again what should I expect from a network that’s been screwing up telecasts since the Heidi game in 1968?

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6 Responses to NBCSN embarasses themselves

  1. Derek Felix says:

    I just saw this. Wow. That is crazy. I’ll make sure to let JR hear about it on my account.


  2. hasan4978 says:

    They supposedly bashed and mealy-mouthed the Devils in the postgame too but I turned it off immediately after the final whistle.


  3. Pan Karalis says:

    I was pretty unhappy that one of a handful of games I get to see that’s not on a grainy and lagging illegal online stream got interrupted for so long. I was even back home in Jersey for the day and was already disappointed I wasn’t getting an MSG broadcast. Every fan base believes the media is after them or they don’t get the deserving coverage, but I think objectively the Devils get crap treatment from national hockey media. The Devils haven’t played a true trap in half a decade, and that was only during Lemaire’s last stint in 2011. For years before that, Devils coaches had been experimenting with stronger forechecking and more aggressive strategies, but every single time we have a game on national television, you are going to hear the word “trap” a dozen times, and how it’s so nice that the Devils are finally playing “exciting” hockey. The Devils are constantly having their championships accompanied by asterisks, with experts and fans trying to illegitimize our banners and treating the trap like steroids.


  4. Derek Felix says:

    I think it hurts that they don’t have many scorers. Without Cammalleri, they can’t score goals. So, that means playing more defensively responsible and depending on Schneider to win games. I do think they’re more fun to watch than before. But it’s easy for the commentators to fall into the trap. And btw…the Wild are extremely boring. So, not much can be done about that.


    • Pan Karalis says:

      I hate using the term “boring” when talking about defensive hockey. I find it extremely exciting. Last night was like a chess match. In no other sport is strong defensive play so vilified.


  5. Derek Felix says:

    Pan, it has always been that way. You had clueless reporters labeling the Rangers “boring” for blocking shots under Tort. It wasn’t the most exciting style. They wanted more up tempo. That’s what they got. Now, it’s come full circle with the Rangers unable to generate consistent forecheck and aging D struggling. They’re back to being boring again but for a different reason.

    I appreciate good team defense. The club has gotten away from it. Lack of backcheck from forwards. Lack of communication with the “system” which is a zone coverage. It’s broken down. Complicated by Girardi and Staal struggles. Lost puck possession creates more shots against and chances for opponents.

    The Wild have been the same for years. They clog the neutral zone and wait for mistakes. Nashville is similar. If I didn’t know any better, they’re the same franchises. Both came in that expansion too. There’s nothing exciting about it unless you support that team. At one point, I checked your boxscore and the Wild and Devils had a combined 13-14 shots halfway through. That is the definition of a dull product. Similar situation the 1st two periods of Caps/Rangers. Shots were a little better but not the most fun to watch. And that is what’s become all too common with the sport. No creativity.


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