Devils sign John Moore to 3 year, $5 million deal

Defenseman John Moore signs with the Devils as a FA, after playing with the Blue Jackets, Rangers and Coyotes since 2010-11

So far, Day One of Free Agent Frenzy 2015 has been an expectedly quiet one for the Devils.  Especially after reported target Michael Frolik signed a five-year deal with Calgary early in the afternoon.  New Jersey’s only activity to this point has been a minor deal, signing ex-Ranger defenseman John Moore to a 3-year deal at $1.67 million per season.  Moore seemed to be to be a nice role player for the Rangers (I’m sure Derek will have more to say on him later) and by all accounts is a good skater and has some snarl to him.  On the minus side he seems to have issues with discipline and smarts, which is perhaps why the former first-rounder is on his fourth team at age 24, and didn’t get tendered by the lowly Coyotes this summer.

Still, it seems like a good, low-risk gamble for a team such as the Devils to take.  Moore is young enough to have upside and take his play to another level, and the money and term aren’t prohibitive in case Moore turns into Andrei Zyuzin (i.e. a talented project that doesn’t work out).  Of course he fits in with the ‘fast, attacking, supportive’ vision of GM Ray Shero and coach John Hynes and doesn’t block the Devils’ prospect defensemen from eventually making an impact if they wind up outplaying Moore.  Author’s note: While I agree in principle with the notion of fast, attacking and supportive I cringe at just how much of a motto it’s become, as if it’s part of a PR/sales pitch as much as it is a vision for a hockey team <end mini-rant>.

Ironically, though Moore is just 24 he becomes the second oldest member of the current defensive core.  Although Moore supposedly has a good shot and tools to have potential offensively he has just nine goals and thirty-one assists in 230 NHL games.

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2 Responses to Devils sign John Moore to 3 year, $5 million deal

  1. Derek Felix says:

    It is low risk like you said. Not sure I’d have gone 3 years for Moore. He needs to find consistency. He has the wheels and shows flashes. Time to figure it out.


  2. Jim Cobb Tundra says:

    He was Plan-C


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